Boys Building Boxes!

First Day of bootcamp, and after a lesson on identifying computers and computer components the boys are putting together the new Raspberry Pi desktops (Pi-Top CEEDs) they’ll use throughout the summer.












Our OWL Classroom

We got to set up our new classroom this week and met the administrators, teachers and staff at the school.  This is a great space for learning and teaching!


IMG_0041  IMG_0037


Kids RPi3 Desktops Have Arrived for OWL!

Finally, the machines for our boys OpenWise Learning (OWL) bootcamp this summer have arrived. Each student will get a new Pi-TopCEED with a new Raspberry Pi 3 to install inside. We are so excited to get started next week so the boys can get hands on these awesome new machines and start building cools stuff.

IMG_0005    IMG_0004IMG_0010