Our Board

Dr. Dwayne M. Rosenburgh

Research Scientist & Engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Dr. Rosenburgh is also an adjunct professor at Howard Community College and the
University of Maryland. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Morgan State, and a D.Sc
from George Washington University.  More info on LinkedIn

Akisa Omulepu

Founder & CEO of Emerge Omnimedia.
In addition to her duties as CEO, Ms. Omulepu is a Yale World Fellow, has over a
decade of experience in journalism. Ms. Omulepu also has experience and networks
in East Africa from her work there as a journalist. She holds a B.S. in Economics from
Lincoln University, and a M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University. More Info on LinkedIn

Peter B. Meyer, PhD

President and Chief Economist of The E.P. Systems Group, Inc.
Dr. Meyer is Professor Emeritus of Urban Policy and Economics at the University of
Louisville where he was an expert in Environmental Policy and Management. He holds
a B.A. in Economics from Swarthmore College, and a PhD in Economics from The
University of Wisconsin-Madison. More Info on LinkedIn

Sara E. Thompson

Associate Attorney
Ms. Thompson is a practicing attorney specializing in civil litigation with over
15 years of multi-sector experience. Ms. Thompson has previous experience in
real-estate management,  and a background in education as a licensed (K-12) ESL teacher in NYC public
schools.  Ms. Thompson holds a B.S. in Spanish and Literature from the University of
Colorado at Denver, a M.S. in Education and Linguistics from The City College of New York,
and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.  More Info on LinkedIn

Blair Johnson

Independent Executive Consultant
Mr. Johnson has years of experience in business and academia.  Mr. Johnson formerly
held executive roles at GE and Towne Park, Mr. Johnson also held faculty positions
at Johns Hopkins University  Carey Business School and JHU School of Nursing. He
holds B.S. in Finance from the University of Connecticut, and a MBA from  Johns
Hopkins University. More info on LinkedIn

Elvis Fraser, PhD

Founder & Managing Director, Sankofa Consulting LLC
Dr. Fraser has years of experience in Sustainable Development. He  worked
for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for over a decade in senior positions. Dr.
Fraser was also an equity partner at The QED Group in Washington, DC., a firm
specializing in Program Monitoring & Evaluation Solutions. He holds a B.A in Sociology
& Philosophy from Catholic University of America, and a PhD in International
Development from Ohio State University. More info on LinkedIn