Our first organizational goal is providing real world education and experience in STEM careers to our Scholars.  Our Scholars gain professional experience and soft skills through our Apprenticeship program.  The other purpose of our Apprenticeship program is to expand the off-line social network of our Scholars opening them to connections and opportunities that they may not otherwise have access to.  We have structured the Apprenticeship program similarly to a US medical school rotation schedule, wherein our Scholars spend time working with different organizations that are at the intersection of STEM and the public good.  Each Scholar will spend some time working with OpenWise, Inc. and from there they may spend time gaining experience at other public good organizations such as nonprofits, universities, social enterprises, & government agencies.

OWL Scholar Trajectory

OpenWise, Inc.

OpenWise, Inc. is the other half of the OpenWise Social Enterprise.  OpenWise, Inc. exists for three reasons:

  1. To employ open technology to build powerful solutions for public good. (the first of which was OpenWise Learning);
  2. To provide some financial support to OpenWise Learning; and
  3. To provide work experience for the young Scholars who take part in OpenWise Learning.

OpenWise, Inc. specializes in open technology, providing technology consulting services and solutions to clients that produce public goods either in nonprofits, education, government or global development.

Partner Organizations

We are actively developing and seeking partnerships with organizations working at the intersection of STEM and public good.  These organizations include companies, medical institutions, research institutions, universities, nonprofits, and government. Our goal is to match our Scholars with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and experience, and to expand their networks at these organizations and beyond.