Summer Immersive 2018: Final Week Review

Today marked the end of this part of our OWL Scholars’ journey. However, today was just the end of the beginning.  The kids learned and did so much this week through lessons in electronics and musical computing. Most importantly the kids displayed their knowledge of Tech and SDGs through their culmination projects.  Details and photos are below.

Physical Computing & Electronics

Kids working on LED circuit
Programming LED with Python

This week, the kids built on their Python programming knowledge with electronics.  The kids used the proto-boards they installed at the end of last week to create simple LED circuits.  Their prototype electronics joined various components on a breadboard.  The kids learned general electronics knowledge like how electricity flows through electronic components and how the flow is controlled with resistors.  Finally, they used Python to control their electronics.

Musical Computing

Kids using Sonic Pi to Music Program
Musical Programming with Sonic Pi

The kids got to explore electronics more when they installed and programmed speakers in their computers.  The kids used the programming language Sonic Pi and applied their general programming knowledge to create music.  The applied their knowledge of loops and joined samples, cords, and notes to compose original music.

Project Presentations

The kids spent most of the week working on their culmination projects.  Each project combined some of their technology knowledge with at least one of their favorite SDGs.  Some kids coded textual guessing games with questions about the SDGs. Others coded multimedia websites with information about the SDGs. At the end f the week each kid demonstrated their creations to an audience of parents, and detailed the technology they used to create their projects.  Photos of the presentations and the summer graduation ceremony are below.

Kids about her Life Below Water Site
Kids demonstrates her Life Below Water site
Kid demonstrates her guessing game to her mom
Demonstrating a guessing game to a parent.
Kid demonstrates her website on Climate Action
Demonstrating a Climate Action & Clean Water Site







Kids and their favorite SDGs
Kids and their favorite SDGs
Kids with their certificates
Kids with their certificates


It’s been an exceptional summer and this were an exceptional group of kids to work with.  We are looking forward to the fall when they’ll join the kids from earlier years in our school year program. 🙂