DC Summer OWL Immersive Week 3

Week 3 of the OpenWise Learning DC Summer Program has brought us past the halfway point for the summer. We finished building our websites and moved onto Python coding. We started with the basics by defining variables. Do you know what a variable is?


The OWL Scholars learned about data types and structures and how they are referenced. The next step was to learn about functions and loops. This is how we give the computer instructions. Our students  have learned that computers are fast but not smart! Your instructions have to be very specific and punctuation correct to not confuse the computers.

Putting all the different elements together we can code programs. First we wrote simple text programs asking for user name and ages. Then using Turtle,  the kids were able to write programs that created art.Our Sustainable Development Goal of the week was Education. As they say knowledge is power! The students identified all the benefits that an education can provide. Not only is access to education important but quality education is the key.