DC Summer OWL Immersive Week 4

OpenWise Learning DC Summer Program’s Week 4 focused more on Python. The curriculum this week included expanding our knowledge of how loops work. For Loops versus While Loops are instrumental in programming and running through algorithms quickly are a key computer asset. WE made guessing games, wrote a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game and learned how to make a ball bounce across the screen!

The UN Sustainable Development Goal that we focused on this week was #3: Good Health and Well-Being. The 4 basic needs play an important part in well-being (Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare). The kids had bright ideas on what individuals can do to maintain their health. We also reviewed different health concerns in various parts of the world. Sometimes factors that affect Good Health are not in a person’s control.


We also talked about sustainability which is a concept that runs through several SDGs. How can we modify our impact on Earth and its resources so future generations can have access to them as well? How can technology and other STEM fields create, innovate and advocate solutions to help us do that?

  We ended the week on a high note with a guest speaker. Mr. Warmsley is a computer scientist who worked on NASA’s Hubble Space telescope. He was kind enough to share his experiences of getting an education and working in the tech sector.We  learned  about how the telescope works and how it transmits data. The OWL Scholars were very excited and had lots of questions for him!